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Aurora Qin

Autota Qin

Aurora is a breath of fresh air for the local real estate market. Having previously worked in an international advertising agency, she’s been trained to think out of the box and ahead of the curve. Coupled with this, her knowledge of social media, digital innovation and internet marketing can enable you to showcase your property to more buyers and achieve the best possible price.

Coming from Shanghai, one of the world’s most vibrant, modern, fast-paced cities, where there are on average 560 newly built houses sold every day, which people may have viewed using virtual reality (VR) from wherever they are in the city or the world, Aurora brings new ideas, energy and attitude to the region.

If you have any questions related to selling or buying, or want a fresh perspective on how to best market your home, don’t hesitate to call Aurora or follow her Facebook page. Aurora - the future of real estate in the Wairarapa.

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