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Leah Bowyer

Leah Bowyer

With over 25 years’ experience in banking and management, I am excited about making the change into the real estate industry.


With a financial background I understand what people go through when buying and selling property and I am big on making sure people are aware of all options before making any decisions.  


I believe I have earned a reputation of being reliable, being able to deliver on promises made and show commitment to making the process smooth and as stress free as possible.

I aim to ensure that relationships are built based on trust and understanding as this is key and integrity counts when you work with people and property.


Overall, I bring a wealth of experience and an understanding of how your home and where you live matters to your lifestyle.


My goal is to make a difference by making sure that you are well informed – that way you can confidently make the best decision when you need to.


When the time is right for you – please call me.

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